The Tijuana Brewery has been brewing beers since 2000. In 2004, in an effort to promote artisan beer in the region, the brewery founded the TJ Beer Fest festival, bringing together 14 producers from Mexico and the United States. The festival has become one of the most popular in Mexico.

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Tijuana Light

A lighter alternative to the Güera, with all the characteristics of an extraordinary lager beer a unique blend of malt and hops gives a mild hop aroma and a rich malt flavor that is lighter and smother to enjoy without loosing a real beer taste.

Style: Light
Alc. / Vol: 3.5%
I.B.U: 8-12


Tijuana Güera

A lighter beer that satisfies the taste of beer connoisseurs. Its blend of finely balanced hops and malt used to brew this beer produce an uncommonly rich flavor. It is a full bodied lager beer with a crisp flavor and aroma. Once you drink this beer you wont change it for any other.

Style: Pilsner
Alc. / Vol: 4.6%
I.B.U: 14-17

  Tijuana Morena

This lager dark beer is unique among all others. Its smooth body and mahogany color are a result of the special combination of several malts. Because of its sweet aftertaste It is believed to be a delicacy among beers.

Style: Schwarzbier
Alc. / Vol: 4.8%
I.B.U: 25-30

  Tijuana Xolos

Lager beer with a bright gold color, light, refreshing, with malt character and nice aroma, perfect to enjoy with friends and football.

Style: American lager
Alc. / Vol: 4.0%
I.B.U: 8-12

  Tijuana Bufadora

Unique in its kind preserves the body and strength of “Premium” beers for not being filtered, as well as exquisite and velvety taste of caramel malt and selected hops, leaving the palette feeling fresh and pleasant.

Style: Maibock
Alc. / Vol: 7.5%
I.B.U: 35-45

  Tijuana Brava

Robust and creamy body with deep malt flavor and a coppery color, qualities that delight the most demanding beer around the world, thanks to its supreme quality and taste palates.

Style: Märzen
Alc. / Vol: 5.3%
I.B.U: 18-25