In 2002 it open its doors one of the first micro breweries in Mexico; Brewery of Baja California. After three years of planning brewpub” in the city of Mexicali Baja Mexico was open “; a bar where the beer of the house was elaborated. The concept was simple, pleasant ambient, quality fresh beer. As good lovers of the good beer saw that there was a necessity to offer artisan beer and gourmet to a market widely dominated by the commercial beers macro per decades. The name that would take this serious beer Cucapá.

The Cucapá name comes from the native tribe of our state; Baja California. The Cucapá tribe was the pioneers of our region and its love by the water and the nature took them to live in the delta of the Colorado River in the desert of Mexicali. The Tradition of the nature, the water of the river and the initiative of being the first people in exploring the region is what make Cucapá Beer as unique as the ancestors of the tribe.

Cucapa Crafted Beers are Mexico 1# Rated Beer and 7 varietal in top 20!

  • Highest Rated Mexican Craft Brewery.
  • Only Mexican Brewery in the 2nd edition of top 100 Crafted Breweries in the World
  • An American Microbrewery that happens to be 2 hours South of San Diego
  • Hops & Barley from USA’s West and Northwest Coast
  • To many awards to note here...

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Cucapá Runaway

Unlike its name would suggest, you can’t escape from it. On the contrary, the prominent aroma of hops, pine trees, citrus and herbs is intensely attractive. The same can be said about the flavor, since both are almost identical. It has an amber look, and tastes best when paired with strongly flavor foods and sweet pound cakes.

Style: India Pale Ale
Alcohol by Volume: 7.5%
IBUs: 70


Cucapá Honey

Several American hops of citric nature, and high degrees of malt, provide taste and aroma to this amber beverage, where it is also easy to detect fruity esters, and a moderate honey character that make it worthy to bear this name. It goes well with poultry, grilled meats, fish and seafood.

World Beer Championships Gold Medal Winner (90pts) , L.A. County Fair Commercial Beer Competition Gold Medal Winner.

Style: Amber Ale
Additions: Contains Honey Alcohol
Volume: 4.5%
IBUs: 30

    Cucapá Chupacabras

This present-day mythical creature, said to prey on livestock, was used to name Cucapá Reddish-Amber Pale Ale that smells and tastes like hops, caramel, malt and shows notes of fruit, toasted bread or cake. It goes wonderfully with meat loaf and cheeses.

World Beer Championships Gold Medal Winner (92pts)

Style: American Pale Ale
Alcohol by Volume: 5.8%
Volume: 4.5%
IBUs: 45 Original Gravity
Food Pairings: Meat loaf and cheeses (Cheedar) , fried foods and pizza
Availability: Year-round
Format: 15.5 gal kegs; 24/12oz bottles

    Cucapá Obscura

Hops, malt, caramel, nuts, and chocolate are some of the main ingredients that provide flavor and aroma to this dark beer that would go well with a variety of roasted meats.

World Beer Championships Gold Medal Winner (91pts)

Style: American Brown Ale
Alcohol by Volume: 4.8%
IBUs: 30

    Cucapá Clasica

At once, the soft sweetness of malt can be felt. The nose can also perceive its sweet and fruity nature. Since the liquid is not too bitter, the malt is easily noticed. It is good to pair with spicy foods and salmon.

World Beer Championships Silver Medal Winner (89pts)

Style: Blonde Ale Alcohol
Alcohol by Volume: 4.5%
IBUs: 32

    Cucapá Green card

Rated as the best beer in Mexico by RateBeer. This is our most awarded and recognized beer. The complexity expected from a fermentation in a high gravity level. A viscous feeling accompanies any experience related to this beer. Sweet plum flavors are a highlight of this beer. Hops enough is used to balance his complex body.

Style: Barley Wine
Alcohol by Volume: 10%
IBUs: 30

    Cucapá La migra

Even though it has a slight alcohol aftertaste the sweetness of malt, caramel and piloncillo from Sonora, Mexico are more noticeable in the aroma and taste. The hops. The hops it contains do not reach a very high note. Its dark color is plain to see, and it goes well with meats and desserts.

Style: Imperial Stout
Alcohol by Volume: 8.5%
IBUs: 70

    Hopulin Colorado

This beer is perfect for the season, with 100 IBU flavor and hop bitterness is intense. It's prominent citrus and fruity taste, perfectly balanced with 5 di erent styles of malts with which it is made. With so much Hopulin, we recommend with colored with red meats and spicy dishes.

Style: Red IPA
Alcohol by Volume: 5.8%
IBUs: 100

    Cucapá Kolsh

Style: Kolsh
Alcohol by Volume: 4.5%

    Cucapá Cocowash

Style: Amber Ale
Alcohol by Volume: 5.2%
IBUs: 32