Welcome to my list of World Wide Links. Sit Back and Pour yourself a drink... check it out.
Liberty Lighthouse Group of Companies and Special Associates:
www.pacrimwines.comAdam Schneider of PacRim Wines & Spirits a Japanese and selective Asian markets
dboyle39@btconnect.comDavid Boyle of DB DRINKS SOLUTIONS LTD a European and South African Specialist
www.inspiredbrands.me/Roger John of Inspired Brands covering the Middle East and Northern Africa
World Resource Sites
worldfreightrates.comWorld Freight Rates
usps.comUSA POST
moodiedavittreport.com Moodies Report
www.searates.com Sea Rates and Days
worldstopexports.com Top Export Markets
newseum.orgFor all you "News Hounds" out there, just put your mouse on a city anywhere in the world and the newspaper headlines pop up...
www.aneki.comRanking and Records
www.countrycallingcodes.comInternational Country Code Dialing
www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/The World Clock and Time Zones
www.x-rates.com/calculator.htmlWorld Currency Converter
www.transparency.orgGlobal Coalition Against Corruption
www.earthcalendar.netThe Earth Calendar is a day book of Public, Bank, Government and other holiday celebrations around the world.
www.executivelibrary.comWall Street Executive Library...a great source for regional business facts.
www.cia.govThe World Factbook by the CIA.
www.theodora.com/wfbA global reference from the CIA Factbook, United Nations Statistical Office, and the Library of Congress Country Studies and other sources.
Asia/Pacific News
asianewsnet.netAsia News Network
atimes.comAsia Times
cnn.com/ASIA/CNN Asia
topix.com/world/asiaTopix Asia
channelnewsasia.com/Channel News Asia
www.asiasource.orgSociety podcast series, bringing you the best of Asia Society's international programming on arts, culture, politics, business, education and national holidays
www.aseansec.orgAssociation of Southeast Asian Nations
www.columbia.eduSarai World-Wide Web Virtual Library South Asia.
A/P Country by Country News
thirstmag.comMalaysia & Singapore Liquor Guide
ustraliatradetasting.comAustralia Liquor Trade Shows
beverages1.comAfrica; Nigeria Distributors
www.drinkstrade.com.auAustralia; Drinks Trade
www.scmp.com/Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post
www.etaiwannews.comTaiwan News
www.dfnionline.com Duty Free News in Asia Pacific zone
www.newsonjapan.com/News on Japan
www.nhk.or.jp/nhkworldJapan's leading source for News NHK
www.topix.com/world/micronesiaMicronesia News
www.news.com.au/Australian News
www.theshout.com.au Australia’s Hotel, Bar, Clubs & Liquor Industry News
www.nzherald.co.nz/New Zealand Herald
www.straitstimes.comSingapore News
www.chinadaily.com.cnChina news
www.philnews.comPhilippine News
thestar.com.my/newsMalaysia News
www.thejakartapost.comIndonesia News
timesofindia.indiatimes.comIndia News
www.bangkokpost.comThailand News
www.economist.comThe most up to date facts on Hong Kong.
weirdasianews.com Weird Asia News
Country by Country Associations
fdga.org.hkHK Food and Drink Association
www.angloinfo.comKorea Distributors
data.drinksguide.com.auAustralia Drinks Guide
beveragetradenetwork.comAustralian Liquor Distributors
eguide.com.sgSingapore Liquor Distributors
www.liquorsa.co.za South African Liquor Guide
bizhub.anz.co.nz Guam Distributor
distributors.hollandexport.org Holland Distributors
Crafted Beer
cerveciafilo.blogspot.comBlog; El Cerveciafilo
beermonthclub.comBeer of the Month
www.timeout.comTime Out Magazine
mensjournal.comBeer Mens journal
www.beeradvocate.comBeer Advocate Best Beers in Mexico
www.beerandbrewer.comAustralia’s Crafter Beer Magazine
247wallst.com25 Worst Beers in America
Spirit Trade News
www.spiritsreview.comThis web site is dedicated to reviewing different types of distilled spirits
www.thedrinksbusiness.comThe Drinks Report
www.wineandspiritsmagazine.comOn Line version of the magazine
www.winespiritsdaily.comWines Spirits Daily; bringing you exclusive content including interviews, breaking news, numbers, and commentary
www.traveldailynews.comDaily Travel & Tourism News Portal for International Trade Markets; since 1999
www.beverageworld.comIntelligence for the Global Drinks Business
www.thedecisionmakers.co.ukThe Decision Makers, the Who's Who of the Travel Retail
www.liquorsnob.comNews and Tips on all things alcohol
www.drinkspirits.comReviews of all Spirits
www.beverageworld.comBeverage Worlds ( Intelligence For Global Drinks Business)
www.harpers.co.uk Harpers Wine and Spirits
www.drinksint.com Drinks International (The Global Choice for drinkers)
www.drinksdaily.com Drinks Daily (Executive Briefing)
www.alcoholreviews.comDon't get a Bad Bottle-Shop smart!
www.just-drinks.comThe best on line beverage industry news.
www.moodiereport.comMost complete global duty free on line magazine.
www.spiritjournal.comSpirits Journal Guide to Whiskey, Wine, Beer and Cocktails.
www.tastings.comThe Beverage Testing Institute
Trade Shows
www.prowein.com Prowien Trade Show
www.sfspiritscomp.comSan Francisco World Spirits Competition
www.wineandspiritsjobs.comWine and Spirit Jobs
www.iwsc.netThe international Wine and Spirit competition
Trade Associations
www.kosherfest.com/10/public/enter.aspxKosher Liquors; List of Kosher Approved Liquors from around the world
www.scotch-whisky.org.ukScotch Whisky Association
www.fita.orgThe web Resource for International Trade, the most comprehensive searchable database on the web.
www.ginvodka.orgWelcome to the Gin and Vodka Association website.
www.wormwoodsociety.orgExclusive Absinthe Society
en.wikipedia.orgAbsinthe originated in Switzerland...However, its popularity in late 19th and early 20th century France.
www.straightdope.comWas the legendary liqueur absinthe hallucinogenic?
Bourbon News
www.gobourbon.comThe Bourbon Review
www.kentuckybourbonwhiskey.comKentucky bourbon distillers
www.bourbonenthusiast.comWhiskey info, news, reviews, forms, history & more
www.straightbourbon.comThe 100% Bourbon-Oriented web page. Everything you wanted to know is here.
Brandy News
www.brandyclassics.comThe world according to Brady. The best Brandy web page on the internet.
www.cocktailtimes.comPronounced "KA SHA SA", cachaça is a national product of Brazil.
www.just-drinks.comI remain convinced that the next big thing here will be Cachaca.
Canadian Whiskey
www.canadianwhisky.org/ Guiding others to the best Canada has to offer has deep roots.
Craft Beers
www.worldbeerawards.com Worlds finest beers
www.brewersassociation.org A passionate voice for Craft Brewers
www.craftbeerasia.comBest Crafted Beer Site in Asia
www.beertopiahk.comHong Kong International Crafted Beer Festival
www.beeradvocate.com/ Respect the Beer
http://www.busanhaps.com/article/beer-essentials-korea The Beer Essentials in Korea
http://www.homebrewthailand.com Thailand’s connect to Craft Beers.
ginreviews.com What is the Best Gin?
cocktails.about.com Here some popular brands of gin...
www.ginwisdom.comGin Wisdom - The #1 Liquor Resource on Gin Brands.
www.martinimuse.comGin Martini - Review and List of Gin Brands and Gin Types for Martini's
www.tastings.com/spirits/gin.html Why don’t you slip out of those wet clothes and into a dry martini? - Robert Benchley
www.spiritsreview.com First Impression: Juniper, witchhazel and cassia, followed with citrus.
www.mezcalphd.com Mezcal News and top pick’s
www.tequila.net/mezcal-news/latest-mezcal-news/ The latest Mezcal News at Tequila.net
www.boozenews.com/tag/mezcal Booze News Mescal: One’s man’s take on Mezcal...
www.mezcalistas.com The world of mezcal.
www.tastings.com/spirits/rum.htmlAll Rums; Rum, and its fraternal twin, cane spirit, are made by distilling fermented sugar and water
scottesrum.com/my-lists-of-rumsThese are the rums that I currently have lying around. I've tried most of them ...
www.rum.czThe best Rum page full stop! Peter's Rum Pages.
www.ministryofrum.comDedicated to Understanding and Appreciation of this Noble Spirit, Rum.
Scot's Whisky News
www.scotchwhiskyresources.comThe Essential guide to Scotch Whisky
www.facebook.com/singlemalttvSingle Malt Pod Cast
www.thewhiskyexchange.comWelcome to the World of Whisky (ey)
www.maltadvocate.comEverything for the Malt Enthusiast
www.scotch-whisky.org.ukThe Scotch Whisky Association web page.
www.awa.dkThe Whisky Distilleries, Producers and Distributors web page.
www.whiskymag.comThe Bible magazine for the Scotch whisky lovers.
www.whisky.comThe largest site in the world about Whisky.
www.techpress.com/whiskeyWelcome to the wonderful world of Irish Whiskey. This web page is for everyone that like drinking.
www.royalmilewhiskies.com"Where the Scots buy their Scotch."
Tequila News
www.crt.org.mx Tequila Regulatory Council
tequilatourist.blogspot.com Tequila Tourist, One man’s journey through the Tequila Region of Mexico
www.tequila.net Tequila.Net; For Aficionados and Consumers.
www.tastetequila.com Taste Tequila, Its Hip to Taste...
www.tequilawhisperer.com Tequila Whisper
www.tequilasource.com/distilleries.htm Tequila Distillery’s, Distillers of Tequila
tequilaconnection.com The ultimate list of Tequila Distilleries and their brands
www.tequilaaficionado.com The most comprehensive source for Tequila & Mezcal. Ole!!!
www.ianchadwick.com/tequila The ultimate reference for all Tequila Lovers.
www.acamextequila.com.mxTequila Town News and Reviews
Vodka News
cocktails.about.comA Guide to Popular Vodka Brands
www.vodkaphiles.comWhere vodka lovers of the world unite...Comrade!
Liqueur News
www.liqueurweb.comThey web page addressing the world of Liqueur's.
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_liqueursLiqueurs are high-alcohol, high-sugar beverages with added flavorings usually derived from herbs, fruits, or nuts.
cocktails.about.com/od/spirits/a/learn_liqueurs.htmAs you explore the index of cocktail recipes you will find many of them use liqueurs, or cordials
Link to Link
www.zenithinternational.comSpecialist consultants to the food and drinks industries worldwide.
Resources for International Business
www.azfreight.comFree Links to other companies sites and are as supplied to A-Z Worldwide Airfreight Directory.
www.packtrack.comEver send a package via FedEx, UPS, Airborne over night services? Now you can track those packages here.
www.interpol.intInternational Crime Statistics world wide. Big Brother is out there and looking for you!
www.entrepreneur.comA get me started web page for you starting up a private business. Good luck!
www.loc.govPortals to the World contains selective links providing authoritative, in-depth information about the nations and other areas of the world.
www.yellowpages.comThe best way to get around the world and find all business contacts.
Cocktails Mixing and Shaking
www.drinkhacker.comThe Essential Blog for the Discriminating Drinker
www.drinksmixer.comFind Any Type of Mixed Drink
www.thespir.itThe Spirit: delivers the world's best cocktail recipes - plus stories and techniques from behind the bar
www.liquor.comYour expert guide to all things cocktails and spirits.
Just for Fun
www.thespiritsbusiness.com Bartender accidentally sets customer on fire
www.thedailymeal.com/8-shocking-world-beer-records 8 Shocking World Beer Records
www.youtube.com/results?search_query=funny+alcohol+commercials Funny Alcohol Commercials
www.youtube.com/results?search_query=funny+alcohol+songs Funny Alcohol Songs
www.youtube.com/results?search_query=funny+alcohol+jokes Funny Alcohol Jokes
www.youtube.com/watch?v=QalnisJfHEw Funny Alcohol Awareness
slate.com World Health Organization map shows: Russians and their neighbors drink more than almost everyone else in the world.
Drinking-Toasts.doc Drinking; Friendship, Love, Feista's, Birthdays, Anniversary's, Death and our Relationship with our favorite Drink!
youtube.com/watch?v=stDWNam7RtEDrink Driver in the Liquor Warehouse...was heard to say, ''it wasn't me...'
www.HappyHours.comEverything you ever needed to know about mixing drinks...
www.dcs.ed.ac.uk/home/jhbThe Proper Pronunciations of the famous Scots Distilleries and more...
www.boneland.comT-BONE'S ALCOHOL & AMMO
Try your aim...
A vodka-drinking competition in a southern Russian town ended in tragedy with the winner dead and several runners-up in intensive care.
Don’t over eat Chocolate and Don’t over Drink Alcohol...everything in moderation, thanks.
More Links to be added over time, or send us your favorite links... Cheers!