Tarantula 100

A wicked blend of Blue Agave Tequila and the finest Citris Liqueur

Tarantula Tequila Proves 100 Proof is Better

Tarantula 100% X 100 % are both are perfect for a pre-party drink or a night of cocktails

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Its brilliant blue color and tantalizing taste is the perfect complement to .... ...1/3 cup Tarantula Plata Tequila (or the Azul for a twisty kind of drink) ...

BoozeBasher - Liquor Review: Tarantula Azul
Oct 28, 2008 ... Tarantula Azul has a very unique taste. At first, Azul tastes a little like honey but immediately opens up into a strong citrus flavor. ...
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Blue Tarantula Margarita - 73241 - Recipezaar
2 reviews - Prep time: 2 min - Cook time: 2 min - Calories: 9 When the Original Tarantula Azul Margarita mix (which is also blue in coluor) and ... It has a different taste than "regular" margaritas and is quite tasty. ...
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